Wheatland Police Department Wheatland Police Department

Where do I pay the fine on my ticket?
If the citation indicates Municipal Court, you must go to the Wheatland Town Hall located at 600 9th Street during its normal hours of operation. You may also contact the city judge at (307) 322-2962. If your citation indicates Circuit Court it will need to be paid at the Platte County Circuit Court office at (307) 322-3441.
Do you have my friend, relative, etc in Jail?
Please contact the Platte County Detention Center at (307) 322-2335.
How do I find out if there is a Sex Offender in my neighborhood?
Visit the Wyoming Sex Offender Register at http://wysors.dci.wyo.gov/ or you may contact the Platte County Sheriff's Office at (307) 322-2331.
What are the road conditions and are any closed?
Most often this can be answered by dialing 866-WYO-ROAD or visiting the WYDOT website at dot.state.wy.us
When is Curfew?
All persons under the age of 18, not in the presence of their legal parent or guardian, must be in from the hours of 12:00AM – 6:00AM all year round.
How/Where can I get a Protection Order?
Contact Project Safe at (307) 322-4794
Where can I get Fingerprints?
Fingerprints can be done by any officer 24 hours a day/ 7 Days a week at the Wheatland Police Department for $5.00 per person due at time of printing.
What are visiting hours for Platte County Detention Center inmates?
Contact the Platte County Sheriff's Office (307) 322-2335.
What is the number to connect with an inmate of the Platte County Detention Center?
The Detention Center number is (307) 322-2335.
Why doesn't the Wheatland Police Department patrol and investigate crimes in the county?
Platte County is under the jurisdiction of the Platte County Sheriff's Office and Wyoming Highway Patrol.
Do you write a citation on every traffic stop?
No. This depends on many circumstances and citations are written at the discretion of the investigating officer.
Do you have to handcuff everyone that you place under arrest?
Yes. This is for the officer's and suspect's safety.
Do I have to report every automobile accident to the police?
All accidents resulting in damage equal to or greater than $1000.00, shall be reported to the Wheatland Police Department, if the accident occurred within the town limits.
What is the next city to the south and the north on I-25?
Cheyenne is about 70 miles south. Douglas is about 60 miles north.
What are the general hours of operation for the Wheatland Police Department?
The Police Department operates 24 hours per day/ 7 days a week.
General business hours for Records is 8:00 – 12:00 & 1:00 – 5:00 M-F.
When do I have to get Wyoming license plates?
Within 24 hrs of residency in state.
What is the number for the Animal Shelter?
The Animal Shelter is run by the Wheatland Police Department and an officer may be contacted at any hour to arrange release of an animal. All dogs impounded may incur a $5.00 boarding fee per day.
Does the Wheatland Police Department do VIN checks?
Yes. VIN checks can be done either at your residence within town limits or at the police department. All VIN requests cost $10.00 per vehicle and due at the time of inspection.
The Wheatland Police Department started as most small towns did on their inception with a town Marshall.  It was not until 1944 that Wheatland got its first Chief of Police, John F. Merback.  Chief Merback had been with the town as a … more...
     The Wheatland Police Department will strive to maintain a safe environment to live, work, and visit by furnishing the highest quality of law enforcement, support services, and public information available to us. 
     We will professionally interact with our community by being highly visible and ensuring each police contact is carried out fairly, impartially, and with respect.
     We will achieve our mission through professional standards, continual education, and training of our officers.